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Introduction: Small Leatherwork Projects

Just a couple of small leatherwork projects I've done over the past couple months. Roughly in order:

- A set of leather rings for me and my babe (yes, I'm #2 ;-). This was my first piece of leatherwork, and very easy to do: just a small piece of leather, and one or two rivets. Surprisingly comfortable, if you make sure the back of the rivet is flat enough.

- A flask holder, with a closeable snap on top, so you can remove the flask (not to mention get it in!)

- A cover for my little pocket microscope ($6.40 with free shipping from Hong Kong - how could you *not* get one of those!)

- Leather snaps to wear a spyglass as part of my steampunk costume ( the strap itself came from a recycled leather handbag)

- A tiny leather tophat (under construction) based on Tom Banwell's beautiful design. I figured I'd make a tiny version for my girl first, as practice. But I bet making the full-size version would actually be easier...

These are great little projects for a beginner, using very basic techniques: setting "rapid" rivets, snaps, and doing lock stitches using a sewing awl.

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    I was just going to comment on the steampunkish look to that spyglass.

    How about fleshing this out a bit to show how you fastening things.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hi ringai, I added a few links to videos for some of the basic techniques.

    This was just intended as a quick set of pics to document some of the things I've made in the past, not an extensive step-by-step how-to. I'm just a beginner myself, so the videos do a much better job at showing the techniques than I could.