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Introduction: Small Led Lamp

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So I'm back on instructables now as I have started my thanksgiving break(happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate it) I have been slightly busy with school and haven't had the time. This is besides the point, what the point is today is a led lamp as you can tell from the title. This lamp is made from 2 empty neuro brand flavored water bottles. So this being said the materials and tools you will need are

1.) 2 empty neuro brand flavored water bottles

2.) knife

3.) scissors

4.) 4 led lights

5.) tape and (or) string

6.) colored pencil of choice (I use black for mine)

Step 1: Takin' the Top Off

In this step you will need your knife to cut off the label after you have taken the cap off the bottle.

Step 2: Attachin' the Electrodes

In this step you will need your colored pencil of choice and your tape or string. You need to attach 2 leds to each side of the pencil.

Step 3: Cuttin' the Bottles

This step is one you need to be careful on. First you need to cut one bottle where the farthest curve is(the part with the smallest diameter). You should cut the other bottle like this too but you are not done yet. You will next need to cut farther towards the top of the bottle until you reach the area of the largest diameter, but be careful not to cut too far as you can only take plastic away not put it back on. Furthermore if you think you've got it right and you're done, you're wrong. Take the other bottle and cut it slightly everytime checking for a snug fit anytime you take any plastic off (when I say snug fit I mean putting this bottle into the other one and checking to see if it is tight). Once they fit tightly your basically done, but not yet!

Step 4: Pluggin' That Sucker In

Attach your source of electricity to the leds put the pencil into one bottle putting the other one over the pencil, put the caps on and voila you have a lamp. Hope you enjoyed my instructables and happy thanksgiving or early Christmas.

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