Introduction: Small Mirror Ball

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You see them often in clubs, those huge balls which scatter the light and it is sparkling everywhere. This instructable shows you how to make you own ball, in a small size for under 10$.

Sadly my iPhone doesn't catch the sparkling in the photos.

Step 1: What You Need

1. A styrofoam ball (about 8 cm in diameter)
2. Sequins, in two different colours
3. Long beads
4. pins

Step 2: How to Apply

All you have to do now is to put one sequin, one long bead and another sequin on the needle an attach it to the styrofoam ball. Repeat this until your ball is full of them.
A tip from me: Divide the ball in quarters. So it is easier to get a constant distance between your pins.

Step 3: Finishing

On the very last pin, you have to attach a band additionally, so you can hang up your ball somwhere.
That's it, your mirror ball has finished.

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