Introduction: Small Wine/coffee Table

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In this instructable I will show my small drink tables. After I got rid of my old sitting room table I had a need for a new solution to place my beverages and snacks on, so I decided to make 2 small tables for both sides of my sofa. Luckily for me I had a big old block of hardwood, I think it was birch hardwood which I've had for a few years now. My design is simple no fancy joints this is only for holding drinks etc. I also decided to leave it natural without too much polishing and the result was as I hoped.

Step 1: Marking and Cutting

First I started marking the block of timber with the size of table top, I chose to make it 25mm thick.  I don't have a band saw so I used my skill saw with the side fence adjusted to 25mm.
After the table top parts where cut I marked the leg parts 35x35mm and cut them after setting my saw guide to the new thickness.

Step 2: Connecting the Table Top

After cutting the table top to the desired length and width I fiddled with the parts aligning them so that the timber grain will look more appealing leaving 2 knots on top of each table for a more natural look.
After I decided the way I wanted the table top too look I glued the parts with wood adhesive and clamped it together tight. It is important to clamp the parts flat to prevent any twist. After the glue is dry round all table top corrners with a jigsaw and sander.

Step 3: Planing the Table Legs.

The block of timber was very old and rough so I used my planer to smooth the timber and bring out the real color of the timber. After all parts are are cut I used a sander to get a nice smooth surface.
I used different types of hard wood to connect the legs and table top, using wood adhesive and clamps on a flat surface.

Step 4: Connecting Table Top And...... Sipping Wine ;-)

I made pilot holes on the bottom of the table frame and used screws for extra strength.
Using my drill press I made some hard wood plugs and after drilling shallow 10mm pilot holes on the 4 corners of the table top I glued and hammerd the plugs in.
After glue is dry use block plane and a sander for final finishing.

Now its time to enjoy a glass of wine :-)

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