Introduction: Smallest Esp 01 Quick Wifi Repeater

I always wanted a handy Wifi repeater because of shifting specially to different locations where setting up a repeater router on AC current was a headache,So I decided to go for esp 01 as it consume low voltage and runs on my powerbank for week in a single charge.For Voltage Regulator I selected SMD AMS117 because of its small size but you can choose according to your requirement.Setup is quite easy the details are mention below.

Step 1: Things You Would Need

ESP 01

Few Jumpers

AMS117 3.3V

2 capacitor 100uf

USB Cable


Glue Gun

Step 2: Sketch

Step 3: Procedure Hardware

I had use AMS1117 SMD part instead of voltage regulator the reason is because of its size which is quite small ,but you would need to soldier both capacitor other wise it would start getting heat up.Iam using 100uF 16V capacitor as GND -> GND ,VIN -> Input 5.5v of AMS 1117 and other GND -> GND,VIN ->Output3.3v of AMS 1117.

Iam using USB female jack for power which is cut from above and solder the GND -> GND and VIN ->Input 5.5V of AMS 1117.

Configuring ESP 01 is quite easy you just need to input AMS 1117 GND -> GND ,VIN -> VIN of ESP 01 dont forget to shot CH_PD to VIN of ESP01.

Quick Connection = Power->USB cable->AMS117->ESP01

Step 4: Procedure Software

Flash those 2 file or you can download the firmware from

Step 5: Setup Repeater

After Flashing, esp would be in AP mode. search your WIFI and connect to ESP.Look for the IP which its connected to and open it from your browser with its IP.

ESP WiFi NAT Router Config
STA Settings

Enter your wifi details which you want the esp to use it as repeater for background.

AP Settings

Enter your desire Ap details at which you want your ESP Wifi to show for connection.

thats it the setup is completed enjoy.

Step 6: My Wifi Repeater

I had used Glue but a box could be 3D printed according to your need.

You can contact me at for any issues.Thankyou