Introduction: Tiny, True Trigger, Mag Fed K'nex Gun -El Mosquito

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OK well I decided I wanted to see if I could make the smallest truegger, mag fed gun yet. This is what I ended up with. I decided to give it a Spanish name just for the heck of it and because I was tired of giving a gun an acronym for what it is. It loads about 5 green rods ( I think) I wouldn't really use it as a war weapon except as a pocket gun of desperation. It is pretty fun to play with and makes for a great knex gun to bring to school in your pocket.

P.S. I don't really know why I'm posting this seeing how it can be built from one picture for the most part =P

Step 1: Handle/ Magazine

It's a basic handle magazine for green rods. The idea of extending it with oranges is credited to oompa loompa. You could probably shorten the handle further but it would make it rather hard to wield and leave the amount of ammo you can store very minimal.

1-3. All very easy. Make the first two and attach like so.

That wasn't so bad huh? Moving on.

Step 2: Top of the Gun

Basically this makes up the receiver, barrel, and pretty much what holds everything together.

1. This is optional but I would add this white rod to prevent the back side of the magazine front bending while cocking.
2. Gather the pieces and build what is seen
3. Attach to the magazine by green rods...
4. Then add the white rods.

Alright still pretty easy? Let's continue.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Alright we're going to finish up all of the main parts for the gun itself before we figure out how to fire it.

1-2. Pieces you'll need. Add the two parts together. You might be able to use a normal orange although I'm not sure how well it will work. I just used this piece from the TDSS
3. Clip the joint onto a green rod in this spot. You can also use a dark grey instead of the ball joint but you'll have to hold the green rod in for awhile and rely on a rubber band to hold it there.
4. Grab these pieces and for the trigger (and a rubber band)
5. Take one of the oranges with a black hand and connect it to white rod like this. Pay attention as it's not connected in a normal fashion.
6. Take the other and connect it on the other side.
7. Take the actually trigger construction and clip it into the end of the oranges.
8. This is the hardest step...grab and connect these two pieces.
9. Add that here
10. And finally finish up by adding a rubber band like so.

You have now finished the main part of the gun. On to firing.

Step 4: Firing

Basic firing mechanism. You can use any pin size you want. I find tan the best as grey is just too long for a gun this size but yellow makes it pretty weak although you could use yellow if you're trying to make it fit in your pocket better.

1. Here's the firing pin. Pretty basic. You'll use the green rod for a ram lock later.
2. Put the pin in the back o the gun.
3. Insert that green rod. It will help hold the ram in place and also acts as a ram lock, stopping you from pulling the pin out of the gun when cocking.
4. This is where I put the pin rubber band but you may find a better spot. Try to get it as close to the pin as possible without touching. It will slip off every once in awhile so check it and readjust it as needed.
5. Grab up to 5 (maybe more I never tested it beyond two) green rods and make a mag pusher. This is what I use but free to make something different.
6. Insert the ammo into the mag
7. Add the mag pusher. Make sure the rods are straight in the magazine.
8. And now a picture of my baby sister for the heck of it.

Alright now just pull the pin back until you can't anymore (meaning the ram lock is working...) and then let it forward gently until the ammo is in position behind the trigger. This may be tricky as it's hard to hold and takes quite a bit of pressure but pull the trigger and there you have it. Thanks for building!