Introduction: "Smang" Ornament

Quick fun with a soldering iron and the "Lemme Smang It" Yung Humma song.  Made it into an ornament for a friend who was obsessed with the song.  Cut the wood out from an old ceiling fan. After using a jig saw to cut it out, I took the piece of wood and sketched the picture lightly with a pencil onto the wood. You could trace the outline of a picture as well if you don't like to draw.  After heating up the soldering iron, I used the pointed tip to trace over the sketch marks.  It's a good idea to practice on a scrap piece of wood at first to see how the soldering iron handles on that wood.  If you leave it too long in one spot it will leave a bigger burn mark and mess up the picture.  Luckily you can take a razor blade or exacto knife and gently scratch out some of the burn marks if they get too big.  For the writing, it is fun to use the side of the soldering iron to get cover a bigger surface area and create a different font.  I played with this around the edges as well and filling in empty space.   I tied string to two buttons and hot glued the buttons on the back of the wood so you could hang it as an ornament. Relatively quick little project, just don't burn yourself!