Introduction: Smart Bag

Smart Bag.... this is one of my favorite idea and I want to try it out practically and now i made this simply with LinkitOne.....If i want to make the same with arduino then I have to buy a Bluetooth shield and GPS shield separately and powering them with huge batteries and huge size is somewhat difficult.....but Linkitone made my work ease with built in Bluetooth and GPS and very handy too

Step 1: Things Needed


1) The beast "LinkitONE"

2) BAG


1) Smart bag android app

2) ThingSpeak account

Step 2: Working

connect blutooth and GPS antenna to LinkitOne

download and upload the LinkitOne code below

LinkitONE code

Place the LinkitONE with battery attached to a BOX and hide it inside the BAG.

Now Download the Smart Bag android app from my google drive folder and install it

Smart Bag app

The Smart bag app can work in two modes, with and without GPS

you have provided with GPS check box in the app, check it if you want and uncheck it if you don't want

Now press connect in the app and select Smart BAG

Now the BAG and the App is connected (i.e smart phone)

so if the Bag is present within 10 meter radius the app shows you are connected.

when the distance is above 10 meters i.e( if someone theft your bag and ran or you misplaced it in your friends home and just stepped out to the door) the app produces alarm sound and displays bag is out of range.

if you have connected it in GPS mode, the LinkitONE in the bag Uploads the GPS Latitudes and Longitudes to the ThingSpeak website where the bag is plotted in Google Map

This can be used to track your child and much more......

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