Smart Board : Intel Edison and Salesforce CRM

Introduction: Smart Board : Intel Edison and Salesforce CRM

Using intel edison to monitor classroom environment (hazard,comfort) parameters , invoke a salesforce incident to the school salesforce system and automatically notify the school admin and the respective preferred vendor.

Step 1: Configure Node.js Client to Get the Sensors Working With Edison

Step 2: Code Rest Api OAauth 2.0 Calls to Salesforce in Node.js Code

This enables edison to automatically create a salesforce incident in the school salesforce system

Step 3: Code to Send Sensor Data to Intel Iotdashboard

This helps to perform data analytics on air quality, gas sensor , temp and sound

Step 4: Setup IR Sensor Using Cylon.js to Connect to Smart Board Android App Using

Captures presence in classroom to play engaging videos before start of class room.

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