Smart Cardboard Spirit Level

Introduction: Smart Cardboard Spirit Level

This smart cardboard spirit level is my submission in a design challenge by Kappa Smurfit.

The challenge is to combine a cardboard packaging with technology to create a new product related to the original packaging.

I came up with the idea to integrate a push out cardboard spirit level in packaging of products that need to be level. Paintings on the wall, a pool table, a football table,... The cardboard spirit level has te be used in combination with a smartphone and smartphone app like 'Bubble level' for example.

The cardboard part will make sure you can do more precise measurements and even measure things you couldn't measure with only your smartphone (Bridging gaps for example)

Step 1: What Do You Need

- Cardboard sheets/cardboard packagings

- Triangle ruler

- 50cm ruler

- Cutter knife/scissors


- Smartphone

Step 2: Copy the Technical Drawing on Your Cardboard Sheet

Draw the template on your cardboard sheet using the dimensions in the image.

Step 3: Cut Out the Cardboard Shape

Cut out the template you drew earlier.
Use scissors or a sharp cutter knife to to so.

A ruler may come in handy to cut the straight lines.

Step 4: Fold the Shape

Fold the shape according to the lines on the technical drawing.
Use a ruler to garantee a perfect straight fold.

Step 5: Add the Cardboard Reinforcements

Add the cardboard reinforcements you cut out earlier.

Step 6: Add Your Smartphone

Download an app to do the measurements.
I used the free app 'Bubble Level'

Step 7: Your Smart Cardboard Spirit Level Is Ready to Be Used!

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