Introduction: Dynamic Controller ELIO

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ELIO is a multi-functional controller for makers.

My daughter who is 5th grade made a moving car in her school. The car was so simple, switch operated toy. She sent the car to her sister on the other side by hand, since the car has no control function. I saw them for a while, and said them “Do you want to control the car with the smartphone?” “Yes” She replied with a twinkle in her eyes. The next day, I brought the toy to my Lab and installed a simple Bluetooth module to control it. I gave the car to my daughter and she loved it. However, she asked me “what should I do to go back?”, “How can I move it to the left and the right?”. Those questions motivated me to make a simple controller that creators can handle without technical expertise. Now, I want to share what I made with others.

Step 1: Control DC, SERVO, and Brushless Motors

This smart control solution includes a Bluetooth module and a smartphone application.
This dynamic controller covers 2DC, 2servo or 2brushless motors, and 4LEDs .

Step 2: ​The Application Provides Model Editor

Model Editor enables users to control various types of models with only one controller.

Users can modify specific settings and define their controller without coding.

Step 3: Make What You Want and Control

Build your robots and creations such as cars, tanks, boats and others.

Design and set up controller (Up and down, Cruise slider, Buttons).

Drag & drop motors and LEDs on controller icons.
Modify detailed settings.

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