Introduction: Smart Dustbin

Hi friends i am coming with my new project ,which is Smart Dustbin.It is IoT based and uploaded data to thing -speak. It contains a line following mechanism.It also open its lid ,When someone coming in front of it .It send atmospheric temperature,gases and humidity to thing speak. How much percentage of dustbin is full is also uploaded to thing-speak .It also contain LED which glow when dustbin is greater than 90%.

So,Lets get Started!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Component Required:

1 NodeMCU.

1 Arduino.

4 12Volt Relay.

4 12volt D.C.Motor

4 Tyre's

2 PCB.

1 DHT11

1 MQ-5

1 Dustbin

1 ULN2803

1 Piece of plastic and wood.

1 12 volt Battery

3 Voltage regulator 7805

2 SR04 ultra-sonic sensor

1 Servo motor

2 IR line follower Sensor


Step 2: Software Requirement:

First You need to install Arduino IDE .After installation of Arduino IDE you need to add ESP8266 Module package in arduino

After installation of arduino and esp you need to install DHT11 library from github

you can download DHT1 library from here

Step 3: Building Circuits:

Arduino and motor driver section : commonly used bi directional motor driver L293D used at low current it overheat and damage at High current .So i made this relay circuit for driving high loads.It employ two relay for driving each motor N.O. are connected to 12volt and N.C. is connected to Ground.Motors are connected to COM

between two relays .left two and right two motor are connected in parallel.

NodeMCU Section:Node MCU is running at 3.3volts but it has AM1117 3.3v regulator on it.

So we can apply 5volt to vin pin. DHT11 can be running at 3.3volt but ultrasonic SR04 runs at only at 5 volts. This ultrasonic sensor shows full percentage and uploaded to thing speak .You can adjust its range in map instruction in program below

Step 4: Lid Opening Mechanism:

lid opening mechanism contain servo motor under the lid.lid is made by light weight plastic.when it turns it open lid.ultrasonic sensor is fixed on servo motor.

Step 5: Project Codes:

You can download code from here:

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