Smart Dustbin

Introduction: Smart Dustbin

This project is all about how you can make a smart dustbin at home just using minumum of 5 or 6 things.

Have you ever wondered you can make a smart dustbin for your home. Just take a look at this project. In this project I use Arduino Uno, Ultrasonic sensor, jumper wires, servo motor, thread, a small steel washer and a dustbin.

Step 1: Components

Take Arduino uno, Ultrasonic sensor, servo motor, Jumper wires, 9v battery and dustbin box.

Step 2: Servo Motor Connection

Connect servo motor yellow pin(signal pin) to Arduino digital pin no. 9

Connect servo +Vcc pin to Arduino +5V pin.

Connect servo GND pin to Arduino GND pin.

Step 3:

Take Ultrasonic sensor connect sensor TRIG pin to Arduino pin no. 2.

Connect sensor ECHO pin to Arduino pin no. 3.

Connect sensor +Vcc pin to Arduino +5V pin.

Connect sensor GND pin to Arduino GND pin.

Step 4: Paste Servo Motor

Connect servo at the top of Dustbin with the help of glue gun.

Step 5: Washer

Connect washer and thread to the dustbin box.

Step 6: Half Fold the Dustbin Cap

stick servo on the top of the dustbin half fold end cap.

Step 7: Paste Washer

paste washer with the help of glue gun inside the half fold cap.

Step 8: Make Eyes

Make 2 holes infront of dustbin box and fit ultrasonic sensor inside it.

Step 9: Stick Inside

Stick all the components inside the dustbin box and sealed it with tape after uploading the code.

Step 10: Power Up

Connect battery or power source to Arduino.

Step 11: Circuit Diagram

Step 12: Fulfill My Dream

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