Introduction: Smart Dustbin

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Hi guys !!! I am Vedaansh Verdhan. And today I am going to show you how to make your very own Smart Dustbin. Do follow me on Instragram to get information about my next project. Let's get started !!!!

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Step 1: About the Project :---

This project is build to avoid the bacteria near dustbins. As you now in hospitals the infection amount is very high. We always touch the dustbins to throw garbage. But with this project we only need to go near the dustbin and it will automatically open and automatically close.

Step 2: Components :---

1) Arduino UNO

2) Ultrasonic Sensor (SR-04)

3) Servo Motor

4) Mini Breadboard

5) Jumper Wires

6) Battery

7) Thread

Step 3: Schematic :---

1) Firstly connect the VCC and GND of all the components. VCC is positive and GND is negative. As you can see in the diagram that the 5v and GND of Arduino goes to breadboard. Now you can connect all components VCC and GND in the breadboard with the help of Jumper wires.

2) Now, connect the trig pin of ultrasonic sensor to pin no. 3 of arduino and the echo pin to pin no. 2 of arduino.

3) Connect the servo motor signal wire to pin no. 4 of arduino.

4) Now power up the arduino with the programming cable and get ready to code.

Step 4: Code :----

Code for Smart Dustbin

Click on above link to download the code.

Step 5: Assembling Your Project :---

1) Take a dustbin and attach the ultrasonic sensor on the front.

2) Stick the arduino, breadboard and the battery at the back of the dustbin.

3) Take a piece of cardboard and cut it in two semi - circles. Join them with help of some tape. Make sure it is not very tight and it is moving freely.

4) Now put the servo on one of the semi - circle and attach a thread from the servo to the other semi - circle.

5) Place a small cardboard box to avoid semi - circle moving 180 degrees.

Step 6: And You Have Successfully Made Your Own Smart Dustbin.