Introduction: Smart Dustbin Which Says Thank You

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Would you like to make a smart dustbin ie a dustbin which says thankyou once you through garbage in to it.

Step 1: Idea of Smart Dustbin

The idea of a dustbin which says "Thank You" once you put garbage in to it, can be made with simple electronics parts available in local market and can be a very fun learning project. It also gives you opportunity to experiment on different voice quality, recording and playing the same.

Step 2: Required Material,Components and Tools

Components Required, ( Available on Amazon or Local Electronics Shop)

1.0 ISD 1820 Voice Recording Module, Quantity-1

2.0 PIR Sensor,Quantity-1

3.0 PAM 8403 Sound Amplifier, Quantity-1

4.0 Spaekers,3W, Quantity-2

5.0 Batteries AAA,1.5 V Quantity- 3

6.0 Battery Holder with Slide Switch, Quantity-1

7.0 Enclosure Case, Quantity-1

8.0 Dustbin, Quantity-1

9.0 Wires(loose)

Tools Required

1. Plier, General Purpose

2. Screw Driver Set

3. Multimeter

4.Soldering Iron, Material & Flux

5.Insulation Tapes

6.Cello Tapes

Read About

1. Voice Recording Module ISD 1820

2. PIR Sensor

3.Amplifier Module

Attending Classes on Electronics available on will be very useful

Step 3: Connecting Voice Recording Module ISD1820 to Batteries

We will start connecting ISD 1820 Voice Recording Module to Batteries(3) fitted in a battery box with sliding switch.

Make connection as following

1. Connect +ve of Batteries to VCC on recording Module

2.Connect -ve of Batteries to GND of Recording Module

3.Now Press the "REC" button the the recording module and record following in your own voice " Thank you for using this dustbin" ( There is a MIC on Voice Recording Module)

4. Play your recorded sound by pressing PLAYE button on the voice recording module. this will play the sound for one time. can play your recorded voice for longer time by pressing PLAYL button on voice recording module.

6. Recording must be done in a silence room/location for better voice quality

7. Recording must be done with proper gap/pause between two words

8. record many a times and choose the best voice which is audible, clear and beautiful

Step 4: Connecting Voice Recording Module With PIR(Infrared) Sensor

Now the next step after voice recording is connect the PIR sensor with Voice recording module.

Follow below steps

1. Connect VCC terminal of PIR to VCC terminal of Voice recording to +ve of Batteries

2.Connect GND terminal of PIR with GND terminal of Voice Recording Module to -ve of Batteries

3.Connect OUT terminal of PIR to P=E terminal of Voice Recording Module

test this setup by following below steps

1, make hand movement in front of PIR sensor and see if the recorded voice is played

2. once you make any disturbance ( hand movement etc) it will play the recorded voice ie will play " thank you for using this dustbin"

Step 5: Connecting Amplifier and Speakers(3W Each)

ISD 1820 Voice recoding module has 0.5W speaker and you may find the volume very low.

For having more sound we need to use PAM8403 Amplifier with 3W speakers to increase the power

1. Connect the positive terminal of amplifier to positive of batteries

2. Connect negative terminal of amplifier to negative terminal of batteries

3. Connect L&R inputs to the voice recording module

4. Connect the output terminals to each of the speakers

Step 6: Testing of Complete Setup

By now the connections are ready.

Follow below steps to check the functioning

1. make movement in front of PIR sensor

2. as soon the PIR gets sensed the recorded voice plays

3. in case of any malfunction, check the connections, batteries etc.

Step 7: Mounting the Setup in Enclosure Box and Dust Bin

1.Now place all of these in a plastic enclosure box

2. Mount the set up on dustbin

3. Place/mount the speakers at appropriate place on the dustbin

4. Take a trial by throwing some garbage in the dustbin

5. It plays the sound recorded by you

6. Excite the world by showing them the smart dustbin( a dustbin which says Thank You)

7. You may record in many ways or may use some known voices and make fun with the Smart dustbin

Step 8: Keep the Smart Talking Dustbin in Appropriate Location

1, Switch ON the sliding switch which gives power to setup

2. Keep the dustbin in an area where people through garbage

3. Enjoy the reaction of people when the dust bin says them thankyou

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