TEAM IMPACT! Smart Helmet - Intel Edison, Sparkfun 9DOF

Introduction: TEAM IMPACT! Smart Helmet - Intel Edison, Sparkfun 9DOF

Intel Edison with Sparkfun 9DOF LSM9DS0 IMU

3rd place @ the Intel IoT Roadshow NYC 2015

This Instructable is for an Intel Edison IoT Smart Helmet which uses a Sparkfun 9DOF to collect data from the helmet in order to measure head tramas and create a 3D rendering of the data for analysis using Intel's IoT cloud, R, web-GUI or mobile app. We are currently updating this instructable regularly so please vote for us (on the top right) and stay tuned for more updates! Open source references are listed in the file. This instructable should be great for anyone using an Intel Edison and Sparkfun 9DOF module for motion capture, head tracking, etc. The hardware code was written in C with Intel Eclipse, Node.js with Intel XDK and the real time statistics are served up using R, MATLAB or the Intel IoT analytic cloud.

Here is a presentation:

(updated 6/9/15)

Step 1: Setup the Hardware

The hardware can be built using the schematics provided by Sparkfun or by purchasing their boards.

Build From Schematics:

Intel Edison:

Edison Console & External Power:

LSM9DS0 "9 Degrees of Freedom" IMU Edison sensor module:

Optional Battery*


Purchase Project Modules: Intel Edison Sparkfun Baseboard Sparkfun Edison 9DOF Battery*

BEGINNERS NOTE: Be sure to update and configure your Edison before you start your first project. Here's how:


3D Printed case was made for us thanks to @MattStultz from the printable files (Impact.stl & ImpactTop.stl) are attached and I highly recommend using their services. The case can house the Intel Edison, Sparkfun Baseboard or battery and the 9DOF and includes a slot providing access to both USB connectors for use with an external power pack, console or other sensors.

Antenna can be liberated from any old laptop with a radio. Just coil the wire around a pen and heat or let set for a few days to get the correct form factor. Also, with the latest firmware the Edison can be used in AP mode, here's how: The Sparkfun console will not blink when rebooted but AP mode still works)

(optional battery)* Power to the Edison can be provided over USB using the base board, another console, or with the battery module by itself. Once your Edison is configured the Smart Helmet program can be installed over wifi so you will only need an Edison console for first time setup or if you don't have another power or communications source.

Step 2: Setup the Software

Drag and drop the source code using SCP to the .NODE folder or download and run the installer script (coming soon)

Source or teamimpact.tar.gz (Files Attached) - Hardware code including output to local web server and Intel IoT analytic cloud API

Optional:TeamImpact.R (File Attached) - R script for analyzing real time and prerecorded data. For troubleshooting sensor data and interpretation by medical personal or artificial intelligence.

If you want to stream data to Intel's IoT cloud you will need to create an account and activate your device, here's how:

(updated 6/9/15)

Step 3: ...To Be Continued

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  • New features coming soon
    • One-Click project installer script for Win/MAC/Linux (SSH copy routine script)
    • Web-GUI including graphs, etc.
    • Mobile Apps
    • Better IoT cloud integration

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Recently Added:

Fully functional source code 6/9/15

3D printable case 5/26/15

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Justin Mai
Justin Mai

7 years ago on Introduction

Hey there!

Thanks a ton for all this code you've written.

We're trying to use the 9DOF board with our Edison, and I was wondering how I can use your code (say, test.c) and get it running on the Edison?

We're using eclipse right now, and I can't figure out how to upload the C code to the edison


Reply 6 years ago

Hi Justin,
Sorry I didn't see your post much earlier. We used JS on the built in .NODE server. I mostly use Wings but it sounds like you were on the right track.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Thank you! We just added the additional v.1 source code.