Introduction: Smart Lamp

Lamp created with multicontacts in order to facilitate the charging of your electronic devices obtaining general and USB input.

6 niples elbow 3/4

2 niples curled up3/4

3 T

1 niple curled up 3/4 the 3-1/2

2 threaded OVAL boxes

1 screw cap

1 screwdriver

1 voltech economic steel case

1 contact Duplex USB charger 1 damper

1 duplex contact

1 hammer

1black tape

1 contact plate

1 large spotlight white light saver

1 socket

1 electrical cable 2 meters

Step 1: Lamp Base

1-First, the base was assembled with an elbow nipple, then a T and an elbow nipple.

2-Second step I joined the first T with a thread nipple after the second T is put in the middle part of this one puts a thread nipple and then in a second T the other thread is put to end with its 3 T.

3-Third step in the 3T on the sides is put on each side a thread nipple and an elbow and so the base of my lamp is made.

Step 2:

1- In the connection box it has 3 plugs above and three below you remove the middle plugs on each side with a screwdriver and a hammer.

2-On the sides of the connections has two plugs you remove the first plug on each side.

3- Then at the top where there were three plugs and you removed the middle one as it comes in the image you put the socket and its two cables inside the box.

4-The next step in between accommodates the lamp off and you connect a socket cable with the damper.

Step 3:

1-In this part, take the cable you will use to plug it into the light that has two currents.

2. One is taken and peeled with tweezers and placed in the currents where the light went out and the other currents in the other gray multicontact.

Step 4:

1-In this step you cut a piece of cable you separate the connection a little and the corrinete joins the power of the plug with the swich where you will turn off the light.

2-Then insert the other multi-contact with USB and connect it with the other side of the gray connection.

3-Finally cut another piece of cable and join it on the other side of the USB connection with the damper and with the corrinete where all the connections are plugged in.

4-Finally, black tape is put on all connections.

Step 5:

1- In this part you put the cover to cover the attached cables.

2- Then put the winged elbows of the orofices of the junction box and finally an oval box with the elbows.

3-then it makes a hole in the back so that the power cable passes.

4-to end inside the box you put a screw cap to assemble with the thread of the assembly.