Introduction: Smart Light Lamp

Today I am taking in account a common problem of daily life. When we wake up by alarm in morning or when every you get up, we have to turn on lights of room manually. It is somewhat difficult to press button of Light bulb in dark, it is very frustrating. I have solved this problem just by using a basic technology, by this technology Light Lamp will switch on when our mobile’s alarm rings and switches off when Light bulb of room turned on, we can also control this lamp manually by mobile phone. So let’s start……

Step 1: Things You Will Need for Circuit

1. Arduino Uno.

You can buy from here

2. HC-05 (Bluetooth).

You can buy from here

3. MOC 3021 IC.

You can buy from here

4. BT 136.

You can buy from here

5. LDR (Light Dependent Resistance).

6. A 330 ohm and 1K ohm resistance.

7. Some Connecting wires.

8. A 5/12 Volts power adaptor.

9. A PCB.

10. A USB Soldering machine.

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I advise to buy this USB soldering machine bcz it gives very good precision and very short active time.

11. 1-3 meter long electric wire.

12. Bulb holder.

13. An AC powered bulb (LED bulb preferred).

Step 2: Things You Will Need for Light Lamp

1. Two rectangular cardboard boxes.

2. A glue and cutter (buy).

3. A scale (For precision) and a black marker.

4. Some A4 sized paper or you can use anything whatever you want (Glass, Paper etc.)

5. Any type of decorative material.

6. A duct tape.

7. A stapler.

Step 3: Lamp Box Making

Follow the steps give in Video. My lamp was made of different box as shown in picture. you can make this according to your own choice.

Step 4:

Now make a base for your lamp, you can follow instructions given in above video or you can make your own stand. You can take any rectangular/square cardboard. Make a hole in the base and a hole in the lid and pass electric wire through it as shown in figure.

Step 5:

Now just do connection of bulb holder and stick it with top to cover of cardboard

As shown in figure.

Step 6:

Now take LDR and make two hole of size of LDR on the top of a corner of Lamp and connect resistor in series as shown in photo.

This LDR will detect light and will control the lamp.

Step 7: Circuit Development

Take a PCB, a USB soldering machine and make the given a circuit.

Step 8: Connections

Now just connect wires to LDR and insert these wires into base by making a hole.

Now just connect all circuit properly and fit it into base box as shown in pictures.

open your 12volt adaptor and connect to incoming electric wire.

Step 9: Programming

Now you have to upload a program to arduino Uno.Just download given programming below and upload to arduino uno.

Download program: Click Here

Step 10: Application

Now this phase we have to develop an app for controlling the lamp. You can download this app from give link or you a can make your own app, if you want to make your own app comment below I will send you the code.

Download App from Here: Download

From this app you can switch on bluetooth and lamp and you can control lamp intensity.

Step 11: Yeah!

Now you have done at all, you just need to connect mobile to you lamp and enjoy…

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