Introduction: Smart Meeting Rooms (Intel IoT)

Smart, Cost Effective and Easily installable solution to make Office Resources like meeting rooms IoT enabled.

This solution would provide status of Conference Rooms or Meeting Rooms availability in the Real time and Teams can plan their meetings effectively and would make optimum use of meeting rooms in any office avoiding unnecessary wait time.

Case Studies for the need of the proposed solution:

1. Sometimes teams book meeting rooms, however never turns up for the meeting. This solution would check in the real time if room does not occupy in minimum cutoff time declares it's status as available. So, that other team can use that room.

2. Sometimes meeting gets over prior to planned time; however the status of the meeting room remains occupied till it's scheduled plan time. The real time status would help to avoid unnecessary wait for other teams who want to use the meeting room.

Step 1: Step1 : Hardware Requirement

1. Intel Edison

2. Arduino Board.

3. Sensors : Motion Sensor(MIR), Light Sensor(LDR)

Step 2: Step2: Software Requirement

1. Intel Analytics Cloud Connectivity

2. Intel IoT Developer Kit for flashing Intel Edison and prepare it for the development

3. Development environment: Arduino IDE

Step 3: Working (Motion and Light Sensing)

It detects meeting room availability through motion detection as well as through detecting light intensity present in the meeting room. The light detection is very useful in case meeting room is equipped with light controlling relays. As relays control light i.e. to make the light on or off on motion detection and in that case by only sensing light intensity would help us to detect if room is available or not. The light detection is also useful in case of manual switches to on and off lights as usually meeting room lights are always put on during meeting. In the present solution, it checks both motion as well as light intensity to sense room availability.

As next step, it sends room availability status flag to the Intel Analytics Cloud through wifi configured on Intel Edison.

Please find the Source Code in the attached zip folder folder.

Note: Please ensure create meetingroom and Room1 components entries on the Intel cloud for below code to work as it is sending flag value 1 to the cloud if room is occupied, here I have configured two components for testing purpose, you can configure single component:


Step 4: