Smart Meter With Automatic Power Factor Correction Unit

Introduction: Smart Meter With Automatic Power Factor Correction Unit

A bidirectional meter with automatic power factor amendment gadget peruses active and reactive power and furthermore the power factor from line voltage and line current sense by voltage and current sensor.It decides the stage edge slack between the voltage and current flags and after that decides the comparing power factor at that point the microcontroller figures the pay necessity and likewise switches on the required number of capacitors from the capacitor bank until the power factor is standardized to about solidarity and charging with the assistance of information brought utilizing wi-fi module from the power board site.

The automatic power factor redress strategies that we use in this meter can be connected to modern units control frameworks and furthermore families to make them stable. Therefore the framework ends up stable and proficiency of the framework just as of the mechanical assembly increments. This corrector results in diminished generally speaking expenses for both the customers and the providers of electrical vitality. Power factor revision utilizing capacitor banks diminishes receptive power utilization which will prompt minimization of misfortunes and in the meantime builds the electrical 11 framework's proficiency. Power sparing issues and responsive power the executives has prompted the advancement of single stage capacitor banks for household and mechanical applications. The improvement of this task is to make wise framework power compose in mastermind to supply profitability with a viable supply of intensity inexpensiveness and security

Step 1:

Wi-fi Module fetch active power data from vidyut pravah site. It updates its value after 15 minutes for the dynamic Pricing.

Step 2: Thingspeak

Upload the Consumers"s utilised Power data to Thingspeak Channel.

It connects to the API of site “” for fetching the live price data and update itself after every 15 minutes .

The price value is passed to Arduino Mega through Serial Communication between Arduino Mega and Wi-fi module.

Energy cost is calculated by using the energy consumed by load and price data fetched by Wi-Fi Module.

Step 3: Sent SMS to Consumers

As it is conneted to internet so our data updates in real time. It fetch the Price from “” and upload the power data to Thinkspeak and deliver message to customer mobile number for utilizing more reactive power.

Step 4: Power Factor Correction Unit

Step 5:

Data servers of is used .

Power data from Arduino Mega is passed to Wi-fi module through serial communication.

The power Data is then uploaded to in real time .

A message is delivered to the customer if they consume more reactive power even after they have fully utilized the capacitors and power factor is not becoming unity.

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:

Step 10:

Step 11:

Step 12:

Step 13:

Step 14:

Step 15:

Step 16:

Step 17:

Step 18:

Step 19:

Step 20:

Step 21:

Step 22:

Step 23:

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Step 25:

Step 26:

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Step 28:

Step 29:

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    Question 3 years ago

    will you please provide me any schematic of your circuit


    Question 3 years ago

    you puts relay in the circuit but there is no any pinout denoted in the sketch of arduino