Smart Motion Ring V2.0

Introduction: Smart Motion Ring V2.0

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Hello guys...
I am Rachit, You must have seen my smart ring (previous version)
And you must have liked it, In that instructable I wrote that I will put a video of it but I have not put it yet so sorry for that.
In this instructable I am going to make a newer and better version of the smart ring with some features like water proof, accuracy, better tracking so you can also use it in a bright room, Looks, and many more things, so what are you waiting for scroll to the next step...........
Smart Motion Ring(previous version)---

Step 1: Materials

The materials are listed below.....
1. Wires
2. One or two infrared L.E.Ds
3. A push button switch
4. Small button cells
5. Some film sheets
6. Metal pipe (1/2" will be fine.)
7. Electrical tape
8. Scissors
9. Some Spray paint
10. Some Sand paper or metal file
11. Soldering kit
12. M-Seal or any other sealing adhesive. You can also use modeling clay but remember you have to make it water proof.
13. Flat shoelaces

Step 2: Blue Print

This is the diagram of the ring it is fully similar to the previous one....

Step 3: Diffuse the L.E.D

Firstly take your led and diffuse it, to do that take your led and rub the whole glass part with sand paper then after doing it take your led and put it under running water for a minute and then take some wipes and dry off the led.

Step 4: The Ring (Body)

Now take your shoelace and wrap it around your finger for a little measurement and then start gluing the materials to the shoelace.
See the image.....

Its all done now just take the insulation tape and wrap as tightly you can in the mechanism.

Bend the whole thing around your finger to give it a shape and then cover the whole thing with m-seal.

Step 5: Color

Color your Ring with any color you want I prefer metalic or glossy white color but you can use any color......
I am leaving it as it is because after drying, m-seal becomes black.....

Step 6: The IR Filter

Okay now the ir filter most of you must dont know what an ir filter is so for those go to the step no.8

To make it, follow the images.
If you are using an external usb webcam follow this tutorial-----

Step 7: Software and Calibration

Previously we were using a software named freetrack but this time ill prefer you use Community Core Vision (CCV)
It is not made up for this purpose but it will work perfectly.

This is a program used for diy multitouch tables.

This software can help you use the left click function on your ring all you have to do for clicking is just leave the switch when it was pushed and then again push it without any lag.

To enable the mouse output download a program called touch lib and have fun.

Step 8: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is diffusing and why it is done in this instructable?
A1. Diffusion is a process to make the l.e.d brighter than before. We only need to scatter the light in all directions inside the l.e.d

Q2. What is an ir filter?
A2. An ir filter is used so that the camera it is used on, only catches infrared light.

Q3. Why using infra red L.E.D?
A3. We are using ir led so that the camera do not get any disturbance during tracking.

Step 9: Thank You

I hope you all liked it, thank you for reading this instructable..
Please vote it in the rings contest.
And if you have any questions please ask me in the comments.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    How can i setup it to works with infra-led? It can't recognize my led so i can't do anything :((


    Reply 7 years ago

    Okk, np
    download a software named freetrack..... U will be able to understant how to use it..


    Reply 7 years ago

    use an external usb camera,,,, :)
    please follow.....


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Can you give me detail to set up camera works with infra-led?

    Especially setup guide with CCV, i'll follow you if you help me :)

    Thank you!