Introduction: Smart, Nice and Coolmay HMI for Arduino


This is the latest mini-touchscreen I bought to control an Arduino board under Modbus TCP communication.

Step 1: Some Technical Skills About the MT6037H-W

This touchscreen is very small (3.5'') and so functional. I bought it on a chinese website for about 100 euros. The basic skills:

-a LAN to communicate with the ethernet shield directly

-an USB1 link with a special USB wire to power up the WAN I think (not for download)

-a WAN to download the Coolmay sketch

-a free software

-MODBUS TCP communication and other ways

Step 2: First Install, Driver and Wire Links and Various Usefull Source Codes

The wiring is very easy and I give a tutorial where you can find:

-the software install

-the driver install

-the settings of the Coolmay IP address for sketch download (something like

-the IP address settings for communicate with the ethernet shield with Modbus TCP (something like and use the sketch IPsearch.OP6

-an example of dashboard and the sketch ESSAImodbus.OP6

-the arduino sketch

I supply: the arduino sketch (Light.rar), IPsearch and ESSAImodbus sketch (ESSAImodbus.rar), mudbus tcp library (Mudbus.rar), Coolmay software (CoolMayHMIEN.rar).

Step 3: Conclusion

I don't have test all the functions of this smart, small and cheap display.

It suits to control and to monitor tiny systems. It's a very valuable choice compared with MAGELIS STU display from Schneider (very very expensive) and its sofware also expensive.

Thanks to all interesting tutorial.

Happy instructable.