Introduction: Smart Phone Charging Dock With Storage

I was organizing my desk the other day and wondered if there was a cheap phone dock for my iPhone. So, as anyone would do in this day and age, I went to Amazon and looked for some phone docks. But there was a problem, the docks either were too expensive, too flimsy, or they lacked storage for my pens and pencils. So I got to thinking and decided to design my very own phone dock.

There were three requirement that the dock had to meet:

1. It had to be sturdy enough to not tip over or move around on my desk.

2. It had to have a cable route for charging.

3. It had to have storage spaces for my writing utensils.

There were several designs but when I finally figured out the final design, it worked out wonderfully.

By the end of this Instructable, you will have made (or downloaded) your very own smartphone dock.

Step 1: Watch the Video:

Here is a YouTube tutorial made by yours truly :)

I attached a .stl file for direct printing as well as a Fusion 360 file (.f3d) and an Inventor file (.ipt)

Step 2: Pictures!

The phone pictured is an iPhone 7. The dock should be able to fit any iPhone up to the 11 Pro Max, but I cannot guarantee fitment when a phone case is involved.

The width of the phone area is 90mm and the depth is 20mm.

Step 3: All Done!


You just made (or downloaded) your very own smartphone dock.

I tried to make it as simple as possible so that anyone could make it themselves.

The last thing you need to do is upload the .stl file to your choice of 3D printer and wait for the print time. I recommend a 20% infill. Although I had no issues printing it, you may need to scale the model to make sure that your printer can print it.

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