Introduction: Smartphone Controlled Robot (Ble Bot)

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This is my first contest on Instructable and I have tried my best i have made a Bluetooth controlled robot or you can say car and it can be controlled by using an android smartphone which have bluetooth

Step 1: Material Needed:-

  • Arduino
  • HC-05(Bluetooth module)
  • Motor Driver (L293D)
  • Chassis
  • Motors
  • Wheels
  • Castor Wheels
  • Jumper Wire
  • Screw & Nuts

And some instruments

such as:-

  • 9volt Battery with clip
  • computer with arduino ide
  • Adapter
  • Smartphone
  • DC power plug(optional)

Step 2: Connect HC-05 to Arduino

In this project i have used HC-05 but you can use any other Bluetooth module that support Arduino

now let see how to connect HC-05 to Arduino

So connect the

+5v ----to--------->+5v


Rx -----to--------->pin1


Step 3: Now Make Connections of the Motor Driver (L293D)

In L293D motor driver it have

• 3 power pins
• 4 direction pins 2 for each motor\
• it is two wheels motor drive

So 1 pin from 3 power pin is enable pin it just need +5v from the Arduino and rest 2 are the power pins for the motor it needs +12 volt of DC current

So for +12 volt either we can use two 9 volt battery as 18 volt nor we can use +12 volt direct DC current

Step 4: Then Connect the Motors and Wheels

Connect both motor and wheel on the chassis connect it using screw then connect the motor to the motor driver

Step 5: Connect the Castor Wheels

Connect the Castor wheel to the front part of chassis using screws . In some of the chassis it is not needed .

Step 6: Now Assemble All Things on the Chassis

Chassis are made up of metal so they are conductor of current but some of them are painted for insulation but sometimes it do not work so I suggest you to use tape in such areas where paint get off

Step 7: Upload the Code

Upload the Code to the Arduino

* this a arduino project made by areeb
* for more information goto my blog
int RightFront = 5;//pin for Right forward
int RightBack = 6; //pin for Right Backword
int LeftFront = 7; //pin for Left forward
int LeftBack = 8; //pin for Left backward
int RecivedData = 'g'; // begin the serial programme

void setup() {
Serial.begin(9600); // Begin the serial Communication via bluetooth
pinMode(LeftFront, OUTPUT);
pinMode(LeftBack, OUTPUT);
pinMode(RightFront, OUTPUT);
pinMode(RightBack, OUTPUT);

void loop() {

RecivedData =;

if(RecivedData=='w'){ // Forward
digitalWrite(LeftBack, LOW);
digitalWrite(RightBack, LOW);
digitalWrite(LeftFront, HIGH);
digitalWrite(RightFront, HIGH);
if(RecivedData=='a'){ // right
digitalWrite(LeftBack, HIGH);
digitalWrite(RightBack, LOW);
digitalWrite(LeftFront, LOW);
digitalWrite(RightFront, HIGH);

if(RecivedData=='d'){ // left
digitalWrite(LeftBack, LOW);
digitalWrite(RightBack, HIGH);
digitalWrite(RightFront, LOW);
digitalWrite(LeftFront, HIGH);

if(RecivedData=='s'){ // Reverse
digitalWrite(LeftFront, LOW);
digitalWrite(RightFront, LOW);
digitalWrite(LeftBack, HIGH);
digitalWrite(RightBack, HIGH);
if(RecivedData==' '){ // Stop
digitalWrite(LeftBack, LOW);
digitalWrite(RightBack, LOW);
digitalWrite(LeftFront, LOW);
digitalWrite(RightFront, LOW);

Step 8: Let Configure the App

You Can See it in Video

And i am explaining it her also

So first of all you have to download the app from google play so download it here.

Till it is downloading you Should pair HC-05(not in video)

So for pairing HC-05 follow these steps. if already paired ignore

• open setting > Bluetooth > Scan for Device
• It will found HC-05
• Click on HC-05 or click on pair button
• it will ask the passcode the default passcode of HC-05 is 1234
• so enter 1234
• then it will be paired

Open the App

when you open the app it ask to connect to a device then click on HC-05. then on the right top click on the setting and configure it as shown in video


• w for UP
• s for DOWN
• a for LEFT
• d for RIGHT
• 'space' for BRAKE

Step 9: VOTE ME



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