Introduction: Smart Plugin

The final aim of the project is to build a controllable plug using mobile phone. The Plug can be switched on and off using mobile phone application.

Step 1: Preparing Your Equipment

You will need:

- Arduino Uno.
- Oneshield board.
- Oneshield mobile application. (install from here)
- Male and Female plugs.
- Relay.
- 3 Male female wires.
- high rating 1 m wire.
- Suitable case for the plugin.

Step 2: Arduino - Shield Interface:

- Put the Shield on the arduino Uno.
- Read the instructions of how to upload a code on the shield.(from here).
- Download the library of Oneshield from here and put it inside the directory of Arduino on your PC (Default : C:\Users\Essam Radwan\Documents\Arduino\libraries)
- Upload the attached simple arduino-Oneshield code.

Step 3: Mobile App Control.

- After installing the app, Open it.
- Choose Scan. It may require to open the Bluetooth.
- Choose the available set from Bluetooth menu.
- You will be required to enter pairing password which is by default 1234.
- Choose toggle button shield.
- Connect a small led to Pin 13 and the ground. Then try to make the toggle button on and off.
- You should now see the led as if it is blinking.

Step 4: Connect the Electric Circuit

- Connect Pin 13 to signal of the relay using male female wire.
- Connect Pin 5V from arduino to Pin Vcc in the relay using male female wire.
- Connect the Ground of the arduino to the ground of the relay using male female wire.

- Connect the Common (COM) of the Relay to the Male plug with 0.5 m wire and the other terminal of the plug to the female plug. Eventually the ground terminal of the female plug should be connected to the Normal open terminal (NO) with the 0.1 m wire.

All these steps are done to the arduino while attaching the shield to it. Therefore, Therefore the wiring will be with the shield not the arduino it self.

Step 5: Final Step (Casing and Trails)

Casing :

- Put the arduino - Shield and the relay inside the box.
- Make the male plug out side the box with 0.3 m free wire.
- Adjust the female plug to be immersed in the cover of the box.

Trails :

- Put the male plug to an electric source plug.
- Try your mobile phone app and connect any thing to be tested to the female plug.
If its operation can be controlled using the toggle button, then you have your own smart plugin, If not revise all the steps and feel free to contact me at or through my facebook account.