Introduction: Smart Punching Bag

Here is a youtube video for more informations about the Smart Punching Bag :

Smart punching-bag provides boxers with real-time statistics and analysis about his punching combinations.

The designed solution assists the boxer to know his punching speed , precision and force during the exercises . Smart punching bag includes different punching exercises modes and levels,Thought a mobile application the boxer can choose a punching combination then follow the light zones that appears on the smart boxing bag, After finishing the exercise ,the boxer is provided with all details, statistics and advices so he can improve his performances .In addition boxer is capable to invite a friend of his on a punching challenge.

Step 1:

The following items will be necessary to complete this project:

-Digilent Zybo Zynq-7000 Dev board with linux

-MicroSD card

-PmodGYRO Features Include: 3-axis MEMS digital gyroscope with high shock survivability.

-PmodACL2 is a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer

-The Pmod BT2 Bluetooth

-12 LED lights

-12 Puch buttons

Step 2:

we also need:

-keyboard Encoder to manipulate push buttons

-external microcontroller to manipulate LED Lights

Step 3:

and here we have the Boxing Bag ready to implement components

Step 4:

First we start implementing The LED Lights and Buttons

Step 5:

And then we need to connect the zybo card to finish the prototype

Step 6:

finally here is the smart punching bag ready to be tested