Introduction: Smart Remote Controlled Lights

The concept of smart lights is very innovative concept, which fulfills our requirements with the minimum energy consumption.

Using this Project you can make a Light that can be turned ON-OFF using A Remote Control. Apart from switching ON & OFF You can also set the Brightness of the Lights from the Remote Control.

Step 1: Parts

You will need the following Parts to Built the Smart Light.

1. Arduino Board

2. LED Module.

3. SIRC Remote Control

4. STOP IR Receiver.

You can Buy these Modules from HERE !

Step 2: Connections

Here I have used the RGB LED Module & Green Light for Controlling the Brightness. You can also used White LED for controlling the Brightness.

You Need to Provide Ground to LED Module from Arduino Board. And Connect the Green pin of the Module to the Digital Pin 3 of an Arduino Board.

Step 3: Code

It works based on the principles of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). By pressing the particular button on the remote, the light turns on. After that the intensity of light can be controlled by using + and – buttons on the remote. Actually by pressing these buttons we are increasing/decreasing the PWM count i.e. varying the duty cycle and thus varying the intensity.

PWM: - By varying the pulse width actually we are varying the average voltage.

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