Introduction: Smart Robot Kit Assembly

Basically a charming, assembly required, unemployed rumba Inscrutable for those who don't read instructions that aren't Instructables because A: Penis ,B: You don't trust the system as much as a random guy on the internet or C: Colorful pictures/ videos are required to awaken your attention span. Also note this can be turned into more useful robots.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Smart robot kit
Philips head screw driver
AA battery

Step 2: Open the Box

No one saw that coming.

Step 3: Inner Gears.

Connect the gears to the motor. If you did it right you won't be able to move the gears because the motor only rolls electrically. (Note this picture is slightly off in gear arrangement but I'm too lazy to correct it for people who won't read or can't solve one simple problem)

Step 4: Apply Top Cover+ Screw In

Also apply the metallic piece next to the battery pack in the location it snuggly fits.

Step 5: Refrain From Placing Testla Coil Near Bath or Shower When Both Are in Use

Kind of off topic but good advice for people who want to live and stuff.

Step 6: Twist Like Wires Together

this is all you really need to do in life

Step 7: Build the Rest of the Robot

You've used your brain to get past some things already if you've made it this far. You have already done the electrical part now all you need to do is connect it to the ball and put that in the intuitive places.

Step 8: Enjoy