Introduction: Smart Water System

Everyone needs to drink water daily. However, for the visually impaired, they are faced with addition challenge when they are filling their cup as they are unable to see the water level within the cup. Therefore, most will choose to use their finger as a gauge of the water level as they are filling. However, there is limitations to this current method because this cannot be apply for hot water as it poses a scalding hazard. Therefore, we want to design a product which can help the visually impaired person to “see” the water level and alert them through their sense of touch in a more safer way when the water level is near the brim.

The main objective of the product is to assist the visually impaired to determine the water level of a cup when they are filling water into a cup. This product utilize an indicator placed on a stirrer which can be used to detect water level. As the visually impaired personnel pour water into a cup, instead of placing their finger to sense the water level as it approach the brim, the indicator will be able to detect the water level automatically. Once the preset water level has reached to the top, it is able to float and rise thus touching the user's finger and therefore indicating that the water level has reached to the top.

Step 1: Supplies

For the Smart Water System, you will need just two very simple items :

- one S hook

- one cork

Step 2: Cutting Off the S Hook

For the S hook, you will need to cut off the bottom part in order for it to insert into any cups and glasses. You will need to use a handheld grinder to grind it off. Using other cutting tools such as the saw will be too tedious and will take too much time and energy to cut it off

Step 3: Drilling a Hole

You will then need to drill a hole using a driller into the cork using a 5mm drill bit in order to allow the cork to be inserted to the S hook.

Once the hole has been drilled, you will then have to insert the cork to the S hook and it is ready to be used.