Introduction: Smart Weekend House With Intel Edison

NOTE: This instructable is work in progress, because currently I am very busy with school so I don't have much time for my side project. Also I was writing this instructable for a whole day and somehow managed to delete it so this could only happen to me -.-

The idea for this project came when stept into our weekend house at the seaside and I thought, that I'll freeze even that outside was 33°C, but the AC was running all week at 16°C. So I thought it would be nice to have more control over the weekend house. The brain of the system is intel Edison, which is connected to internet and SIM800 module. So you can follow extracts from sensors all the time on the internet, but in case something unpredictable happens: eg: the temperature suddenly rises or falls, gas sensor senses, the flow of the water increases, the current in the supply rises, you'll get an SMS informing you this. And also you will be able to control certain feature via SMS. But Edison will also control other micro controllers which will do other tasks. For example the Raspberry Pi will be used as media center, arduino will be for controlling LED strips and electronic blinds, etc.

Step 1: Please Stay Tuned

Please stay tuned, because I today I don't have time to finish writing the instructable, because tomorrow I am taking a math test and it would be smart to study a little ?.