Introduction: Smart Window Using Smartphone & Arduino

Smart Window Using Arduino is a Home Automation tool to control any Window Shade/Blinds.


Arduino Uno

Arduino Motor Shield

Bluetooth module

DC motor

Smart window app

Watch VIDEO for demonstration.

What is Arduino?

Step 1: Upload the Code to Arduino


Upload below code.


char varVal;

void setup() {

//Setup Channel B

pinMode(13, OUTPUT); //Initiates Motor Channel B pin

pinMode(8, OUTPUT); //Initiates Brake Channel B pin

pinMode (7, OUTPUT); // Down LED

Serial.begin(9600); // Start serial communication at 115200bps


// UP @ full speed

void go_up() {

digitalWrite(13, HIGH); //Establishes UP direction of Channel B

analogWrite(11, 255); //Spins the motor on Channel B at full speed

digitalWrite(8, LOW);


// DOWN @

void go_down(){

digitalWrite(13, LOW); //Establishes DOWN direction of Channel B

analogWrite(11, 100); //Spins the motor on Channel B at full speed

digitalWrite(8, LOW);

digitalWrite(7, HIGH);


void stop_window(){

digitalWrite(8, HIGH);

digitalWrite(13, LOW);

digitalWrite(7, LOW);


// Read serial port and perform command

void windowCommand() {

if (Serial.available()) {

varVal =;


if (varVal == 'f') { // UP


} else if (varVal == 'b') { // DOWN


} else if (varVal == 't') { // Stop




void loop() {



Step 2: Build the Circuit

Connect all LED's as shown.

Green LED- for Window Shade Up

Red LED- for Window Shade to stop from moving

Yellow LED - for Window Shade Down

Bluetooth Module

VCC - connect to 3.3V of Arduino board

GND - connect to GND of Arduino board

TX - connect to RX of Arduino board

RX - connect to TX of Arduino board

Watch VIDEO for circuit construction.

Step 3: Download "Smart Window" App

Sub steps:

1. Install the Smart Window app to your Android phone.

2. Turn ON your Android phone's Bluetooth.

3. Scan for new Device (Bluetooth).

4. Pair BT by using Pin 1234.

5. Open your Smart Window app.

6. Select Device (look for BT name).

7. Press Connect.

8. Test your Circuit.

Watch VIDEO for pairing demonstration.

Step 4: Customised Your Window Shade/Blinds

Sub Steps:

1. Attached the Motor Shield to Arduino Uno.

2. Connect the Bluetooth Module at the top of the Motor Shield.

3. Connect all the LED (optional)

4. Attach the DC motor to Channel B of Motor Shield.

5. Put a supply voltage 9-12V battery or power supply.

DC Motor & Window Blinds

1. Attach the gear to your DC motor or used old printer motor.

2. Connect the DC motor with gear to Window blinds at the top right side (some Window shades on top left).

3. Make sure to test manually by rotating the motor clockwise/counterclockwise.

Watch VIDEO for demonstration.