Introduction: Smart Worker's Safety Helmet

Workers all over the world must work in tunnels and mines are exposed to high temperatures and toxic gases everyday which has a lasting impact on their health. Using Arduino we have created a safety helmet which shows workers the exact details of the environment they are working in and can end up saving their lives.

By using a small oled display(0.96 inch), we are able to display the distance of the closest obstacle to the worker in case there is a lack of light, the current temperature of the environment he is working in and also the toxicity of gas in his environment.

The worker is alerted if the toxicity of gases in his working zone are too high by the sound of the buzzer as well as on the display, and by the constant blinking of the LED. The warning sound and the red led will be repeated faster as he is approaching closer to a dangerous environment. The code can be reprogrammed to set the warning parameters for the dangerous environment.

Step 1: Parts Required


MQ2 Gas sensor

DHT temperature and humidity sensor

0.96 OLED Display with I2C configuration

A buzzer

PCB board and wires

Ultrasonic Sensor

Arduino UNO

Soldering Iron

Step 2: Connections and Design

Step 3: Final Assembling

Step 4: Arduino Source Code

We have used the libraries NewTone for the buzzer and NewPIng for the US sensor as they both use timer2 on the arduino board and to avoid this timer conflict we use these custom libraries. The DHT library is used for the temp and humidity sensor, the Adafruit_GFX and Adafruit_SSD1306 for the OLED I2C display. The parameters for the dangerous conditions can be reprogrammed by editing this code.

Step 5: VIDEO

A small video detailing the problem statement of our project, its solution and a small demo.