Introduction: Smart Robot

I would like to introduce our Smart robot which my classmate and me made during last study year at secondary school.

YES, it look like a Wall-e, we didn't have so much creativity, so we chose to build construction which looks like the Wall-e.

So how can i start, it's an autonomous robot to help visual or hearing handicapped people. How can our robot help people ?

PIR sensor is looking for a involuntary movements, when a burglar want to theft an innocent pacient, who can't see or either can't hear.

DHT 11 sensor is showing on a Nokia display values of temerature of humidity. On the display we show more values from sensors not only from dht.

Flame sensor is taking care of an open fire in a distance at home (placed in eye).

MQ-2 (gas sensor) we used to prevent gas leakage like natural gas from uven by warning people during increase value of dangerous gas.

Heart rate sensor is there for a measurement heart rate (placed on a back of robot in a head).

Microphone is there for taking care of unwanted sound (maybe from thief) while deaf person is sleaping.

2xUltrasonic sensors are caring the distance of object behing and from a back while is person controlling robot from a console ( i will explane you it later, we made an app to control the robot)

2xcny70 or optical sensors with them we can control the movement robot by hand gestures.

On the other hand we used an sound amplifier to our single speaker which is reading values from temperature and humidity sensor and robot is saying dangerous values from flame, gas, pir sensors too. (tracks or numbers are saved on SD card, which is places in a SD shield card modul)

Next part of our project is an application made in App inventor for Android phones. We made it to control the robot, by speech, yes application can recognize your voice and do what you tell, for example move forward, backwards, reverse etc. Second mode is an gesture controling, when two cny 70 sensors are there for a rotation and one ultrasonic is there for moving forward or backwards. There is a third option where you can control robot by console, like on keyboard and the last option is controling sensors.

Hope my English is not so bad, i will step by step upload more specifitation about the robot.

Tell us your opinion about Smart robot which we made, we will very happy to receive your opinion.

Have a nice day :) .