Introduction: SmartPhone Controlled Bluetooth Rover Kit

We made a Smartphone Controlled Rover Kit for our Kickstarter campaign We will show you how to make one for yourself. The components used can be bought individually or visit our campaign for the Kit. If you want to make one yourself we are sharing the design files here. For Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone we are using Jetpack- A wireless programing shield + motor shield for Arduino. You can use your own substitutes

Got 750% funded on Kickstarter! We are amazed by this response and so jet pack is now available for pre-order on


  1. Acrylic Base
  2. 4x Geared DC motor Wheel,
  3. Motor positioning Stencil
  4. Arduino Uno Compatible board
  5. Jetpack Shield (or bluetooth shield + motor drivers for Arduino)
  6. Mounting Screws
  7. Connecting Wires

Step 1: Getting Started

Keep every thing at hand. If you want to print the acrylic body on your own use the diagrams provided

Step 2: Place Screws on Top and Bottom

Tighten the longer ones on the Bottom piece (with the orange lines) and the shorter ones on the Top

Step 3: Place Motors on the Base and Put the Screws

For easier assembly I have labeled them as

FR - front right

FL - Front Left

BR - Bottom Right

BL - Bottom Left

We have already grouped the wires for you

The Motors to the left are connected in parallel similarly for the right, check the wires with a battery to determine the direction of rotation

Step 4: Place the Batteries

Simply place the batteries as shown in the picture

The batteries are connected in parallel as shown in the picture

Step 5: Route Wires Through the Slots Provided

You can route them in any order, but it would be much easier if you first Route the supply wires(from right to left) and then the motor wires. You can see that in the picture.

Step 6: Mount Your Arduino and the Jetpack Shield, Connect the Wires

Screw the Arduino as shown above, connect the wires in the given order

Mount the wheels

Step 7: Upload Your Code Wirelessly!

If you have a Jetpack Shield you can program wirelessly. Check out this tutorial Remote Temperature Monitoring

I have included the Arduino code here

Step 8: Install BluetoothRC on Your Smartphone and Have Fun

Install BluetoothRC or any Bluetooth app and start playing!

If you are using another app, Edit your Arduino code and change the direction keys to the keys used in that app