SmartPhone Lucid Dream (Android)

Introduction: SmartPhone Lucid Dream (Android)

Dreaming is sweet. Lucid dreaming is sweeter. Mix dreams and technology and follow your own dream journey.  I will share my idea to help you get lucid.  You need a smartphone with Android (iPhone probably could do this....)

Step 1: Get Software

1) Get some type of file manager for your phone. I use Astro , but you could use whatever.

2) Get ADosBox for your phone or some type of DOS emulator

3) Download Lucid Dreamer Assistant from    (Download the .exe onto your phone)

Step 2: Configure Software

After downloading the lucid dreaming assistant.exe use Astro to rename it to something with a smaller file name. I named mine lucid.exe ALSO copy or move the renamed file to your root SD CARD directory.*

Start DosBox, it should auto mount to your root SD Card, and type in lucid and hit enter. 

*you can automate this process by searching for the dosbox.conf file.  Use Astro to search for conf.  Open/Edit this and scroll to the bottom where it shows [autoexec] and under c: type in loadhigh lucid (or whatever you named it) and save the file. Now when you open up dosbox it will automatically load the program.

Step 3: Dream Time!

Use the software (lucid dream assistant) as your reality check.  Start it up and go through the exercises.  After using the program for awhile you will expect it to work a certain way.  In your dream the program will act different or may not work at all.  Scadoosh! Now you can realize that you are in a dream, become lucid, and do whatever you want!

Thanks for reading and have a good night.


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    5 years ago

    is this an instructable or a commercial?.where is site moderator when this was posted ??