Smarter Way to Use Zip Ties

Introduction: Smarter Way to Use Zip Ties

This quick tip might be old news to many but im sure some have not ever thought of doing it this way before too.

Often when using a zip tie one will put it around whatever your attaching once and then pull it tight and snip off the excess bit.
A friend showed me a technique that allowes you to reuse the zip tie multiple times in many cases without having to fight with the ziptie trying to undo its latch.  

Step 1: How to Attach

For this i will be using the Yellow ziptie to show the standard method, and the Orange one to show the new method.

When you have a zip tie that is too long, instead of cutting off the extra continue to wrap it around whatever your connecting multiple times until you have used much of the extra slack.

Step 2: Removing Ziptie

Now when you want to remove it simply cut near where the tail slides into the head of the zip tie
As you can see you are left with a zip tie that is still able to be used again in many cases. 

This method is usefull when temporarily attaching items that you may need to remove and reattach later as you can see i was able to reattach the ziptie around the cable yet again.

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    6 years ago

    I think you got mixed up in the first paragraph of the first step


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I just slip a little jewelers screwdriver up between the lock and the ribbed part of the tie and they come right apart. But like you say if they're snipped short that doesn't leave a whole lot of strap left to work with.

    I suppose the easy way around that is don't snip off the excess in the first place.