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Hi Guys!!

In this tutorial, I have shown you, How to make smartphone control Robot.

Download all the file:

JLCPCB for $2 PCB Prototype & 2-Days Build Time:

Step 1: Watch It

Step 2: Material List

1. Custom made PCB(from

2. Arduino Nano

3. Bluetooth Module(HC-05)

4. Motor Driver(L293D)

5. 16pin IC socket

6. 2.2kOhm and 1kOhm Resistor(SMD)


8. Diode(1n4007, SMD)

9. 16V, 100uF Capacitor(SMD)

10. Lock and Sliding Switch

11. Male and female header

12. Relimate connectors

13. Wheel

14. Freewheel

15. BO motor(300 RPM)

16. Screw, NUT

17. Acrylic sheet

I have used all SMD component package of 1206.

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

This is my Circuit diagram.


Pin no

1 --> +5v

2 --> D2

3 --> RM1(Right motor)

4 --> GND

5 --> GND

6 --> RM2

7 --> D3

8 --> Vmotor(+9v)

9 --> +5V

10--> D5

11--> LM2(Left motor 2)

12--> GND

13 --> GND

14 -->LM1

15 -->D4


Bluetooth module

RX ----D12(Through a voltage divider)

TX ----D11



Step 4: PCB

As per my circuit diagram, I have made a PCB layout and order it on

I have received this PCB after 7 days, the PCB quality is very good and also the price of PCB is also low

10pcb at $2 only.

If you guy don't know how to design PCB Just watch this

Part 1

Part 2

And also watch how to make gerber file for pcb in eagle

Step 5: Assemble

I have assembled all the part according to my images.

Step 6: Install RemoteXY App and Library

Now you need to Install the remoteXY library for Arduino IDE

Download the Library:

After installing Library you need to install the RemoteXY app.

Download the app from

Step 7: Upload the Code

Download the Sketch from blew and upload it.

Step 8: Connect Your Phone With Robot


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