Introduction: Smartphone Controlled Bubble Blower Using Arduino

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Whether you’re already a kid or not; you are going to become one as soon you see bubbles floating around you! You’ll be lying if you say that you don’t pop one on seeing one! Alas, everything isn’t the same for the one who’s blowing the bubbles. But things are going to change now, with the DIY Dabble-controlled Bubble Machine! This ain’t no regular bubbling blowing machine. You can wirelessly control it using Dabble, our ingeniously-developed project-making mobile app. You can download Dabble from here. With a foam sheet, servo, DC motor, blower, soap solution, your buddy evive, and some enthusiasm you have everything you need to make bubble blowing (and popping) more amusing and full of DIY!

Bubble popping beginning in 3, 2, 1… Go!

Step 1: Things Needed


  • evive
  • Foam Sheet
  • Servo Motor
  • DC Motor
  • Fan
  • Jumper Cables


Step 2: Making of the Platform

We will start making the base or the platform of the machine first.

Take the Foam sheet and mark two holes into the platform.

Cut according to the markings given.

Step 3: Motor Holders

We will be making strips in such a way that will hold the motors.

We need the motors to be at some height so that the fan can rotate also we can dip the bubble blower.

Take the foam sheets and mark holes of the size of servo and Dc Motors.

Take the cutouts.

Fix the Servo Motor and the DC Motor into the holes using Hot Glue.

Step 4: Completing the Assembly

Take the strips and fix it in the holes we made on the platform.

Now onto the free DC Motor shaft, fix the fan. You can 3D print it, buy it or make it.

Take the bubble blower and glue the servo horn on top of it.

Finally, attach the servo horn to the free servo head.

The distance between the two strips should be such so that the bubble blower reaches the fan.

On the platform, keep the soap water mixture.

Step 5: Connections

Make the connections as shown in the figure.

Step 6: Code

Upload the following Arduino Code to evive:

Step 7: Working

The Servo Motor is used to lift the bubble blower whereas the DC Motor is used to rotate the fan.

Go to the Motor Section of Dabble App. The first section is used to control the Fan the second one to control the servo motor.

Using Knobs you can change the direction of the rotation. The slider bar below is used to change the speed of the fan.

Using the second knob you can change the angle of the servo.

The default position of the blower will be into the soap mixture. As soon as you change the angle, due to the air circulation, the bubble starts blowing up.

Step 8: Conclusion

With this, your DIY Dabble-controlled bubble machine is ready! Forget everything and pop away!

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