Introduction: Smartphone Dock- (cardboard and Duct Tape)

This instructable will show you how to create a dock for any smartphone or iPod. This build only requires duct tape and cardboard for materials, and scissors as the only tool. This is an easy build. There are three main parts to the dock, the base, the charger/dock, and the backrest.  This is a very easy build. This dock is a charging station or a computer connection station. This requires a phone with the charging port at the bottom of the phone. I am using the Galaxy S3 as an example.

What did you make?

I made a Phone dock. I got this idea one day when I was on a school break. I was always losing my phone in my house, and when i did find it, it would be out of battery. So I decided to solve both my problems with one solution. I was not going to pay 20+ dollars for a brand docking station, so I decided to build one. I did not want to go out and buy anything. So, I used what I had at home. cardboard, duct tape, and scissors. 

How did you make it?

I spent no money out of my pocket on this project(which is amazing). I used duct tape, cardboard, a charger, a sharpie, a ruler, and scissors. I worked by myself. Honestly, I had no plan at first, and made it up as I went. But this was my second try at this. The first one was a bit sloppier, but that was a test run. I improved my plan and made it neater. The second time, I knew what I was doing.

Where did you make it?

I constructed the whole thing at home. There was no real need for any equipment. This was a fairly simple project.  I did this by myself in about two hours. This really helps me keep track of my phone and helps me keep it charged. 

What did you learn?

I learned that making multiple prototypes is important to improving your products. Planning ahead also keeps the costs down. I am proud of the fact that I saved some money. I made the same product at home for virtually no money. If I did the project again, I would use a stronger, and more hardy material to make the base.

Step 1: Materials

-Sharpie/ Pen
-Duct tape
-Card board
-Phone charger

Step 2: The Basic Base

Start by putting your phone on a piece of cardboard. You want 1 inch on each side of the phone(width). When you stand the phone up, as if it was on a dock, there should be 1 inch behind an in front of it. Mark the dimensions. Next, cut 10 of the same pieces out of the cardboard.  Also, cut out 2 smaller pieces with the same width(See the 3rd picture below).Next, measure the height of the tip of the charger(the part the phone goes into). Use this length to determine how many more cardboard rectangles you will need to stack. Remember, you want the part that goes into the phone to stick out of the dock. 

Step 3: Putting the Charger in the Dock

This is the hard part. Place the phone on the base, and mark where the port touches the base. Take the scissors and make a small cut along this mark. Do this for every cardboard rectangle of the upper base. Make sure the mark is on the same place on every rectangle. Next, run the tip of the charger through these holes as in the picture below. After that, assemble the rest of the base under the wire. Run the wire through the back of the base.

Step 4: The Backrest

Place the phone on the dock. Measure the space behind the phone. This will be the width of the backrest. The length will be just big enough to support and balance the phone. Cut out 6-8 rectangles depending on the height you want, and stack them together on the base. Your Basic dock is finished!

Step 5: Decorate and Finish

Use a material to cover the cardboard. I used plain duct tape because it is clean, and looks great. Congrats! You are done!

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