Introduction: Smartphone Projector

Want to watch movies or videos on your phone but hate looking at a tiny screen for hours, but don't want to fork up $60 for a smartphone projector? Well I didn't either, so for my final/personal project at my career technical center I made my own. I also did so using barely over $2, and this is how.

Step 1: Tools / Items Needed :

Not much is needed for this project and shouldn't cost you over a few dollars. Most, if not all, of the supplies needed should be lying around your house or workplace. If not, you can find most of these supplies at your local dollar store. What you'll need is :

  • Shoe box
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Smartphone
  • Phone Stand ( I 3-D printed mine )
  • Cutting tool(s)

Step 2: Find Measurements / Dimensions and Draw Out Steps

Before actually building/cutting anything I prefer to draw out what will take place to ensure no mistakes can be made. While doing so, I found all of my measurements and dimensions of the different objects being used in this project.

Step 3: Cut Things

After finding the measurements of the magnifying glass, cut the handle off and cut a hole in the box with the exact diameter of the magnifying glass

Step 4: Set Up

Put Magnifying glass into place and if loose, glue it.

Step 5: Make Phone Stand

A phone can't stand in the box alone, it needs support, something to let the phone project light ,standing upright, into the magnifying glass. The easy way out is to buy a phone stand, but I decided to take a better, longer route, and design my own using a 3D printer available in my classroom. Fit like a glove.

Step 6: Finalize

Place your phone into the phone stand and into the box. Position and move the phone around until the image comes out as clear as possible. Enjoy !