Introduction: Smartphone Stand/ Docking Station Using PVC

Recently there was some sort of plumping work at my home and some PVC pipes,tees,elbows,etc were left over. I was planning to return it back to the hardware store, but after seeing the PVC challenge on instructable, I thought of making something useful out of it. I wanted to make something simple yet useful, which could save me a couple of bucks.

This instructable will help you make a PVC stand or Docking station for your smartphone under 3$. Please do note that this may not be the most Pro stuff you can make, this one is for guys who prefer a 'rigged' or a 'hardcore' looking product on their desk. I wont be mentioning any dimensions in this project, as finding the correct dimension and ergonomics makes you feel that you are doing something great.

Step 1: Let's Grab the Materials and Tools!

The PVC parts can be of any size you want. I used PVC pipes of diameter 32mm

1. PVC Tees x 2

2. PVC Pipe - less than 50cm

3. Hacksaw blade

4. Insulation Tape

5. Glue Gun

6. Plier

7.Scale /Set Square

8. Pencil/Marker

9.USB cable

10. Spray Paint (Optional)

11. Soldering Iron (Optional)

Step 2: Let's Start

Take one the Tees and mark a line on its tail (the one that is vertical) . Cut it using a hacksaw in a slanted manner. Please do note that this cut will mark the outer edge which supports your phone without slipping.

After you are done with the slanted cutting, make a vertical cut so that it coincides with the end of slanted cut at bottom(Referring the images above in order will give you a clear cut idea). After cutting, remove the PVC using a plier so that it makes some sort of a depression or groove in the tee which holds the base of your smartphone.Make sure that you are cutting at the right position by considering your phone's thickness as well other tolerances like Case thickness,ease of access,angle,etc.

Step 3: Connecting Tees

Connect the current Tee with a new Tee as shown in the image. I used an Insulation tape for connecting, so that I could make changes later on. If you are really confident, use PVC solvent for obtaining a permanent joint.

Step 4: Setting the Correct Angle

Take a PVC pipe of some length and make a slant cut on it using hacksaw. The inclined edge of the PVC will act as a support on the back of your phone. Insert the newly cut PVC to the Tee which we joined in the previous step(I know it's getting confusing, take a peak on the pictures and make sure you are doing it right). Once you have fixed it as I have shown in the figure, place your phone and make sure everything's right. Make adjustments by varying the height of PVC pipe, the slant cut angle or the depression where your phone rests. If have done everything properly, your phone will rest comfortably.

Step 5: Adding More Protection

For me, everything went perfectly and my smartphone rested comfortably. Smartphone's are costly and we cant risk it falling by slipping off the wedge. So I thought of adding more security to the stand.

Take a PVC pipe and cut out some pieces in the form of an arc (Looks like n arc, if you are viewing it in cross-section). These small arcs will prevent your smartphone from slipping off its base. Cut them so that your smartphone can be rested comfortably with enough tolerance. Use a glue gun to stick it on both the sides of the depression. Make sure that your smartphone is not too loose or tight. Apply only enough glue as you don't want the stand to look too messy. Once you have glued it,keep it for drying. Once it is dried, insert a USB cable along the back, so that you can charge your smartphone while working.

Step 6: Final Touch

Our smartphone stand is almost complete now. Use a soldering iron to make the edges of the depression round or even. This is important as sharp edges can cause scratches on your phone. You can even cover the edges of the depression as well on the back using masking tape. Remove any excess glue is present and apply,an even coat of paint using a spray gun to give your smartphone stand a finished look.

That's it!

Step 7: Thank You

If you are reading this, thank you for reading as it means a lot for me. This is my first instructable and I hope I have done a fair job. If you have any suggestions or feedback please do comment below so that I can improve myself.

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