Smartphone Tripod From Recycled Selfie Stick and Handycam Tripod




Introduction: Smartphone Tripod From Recycled Selfie Stick and Handycam Tripod

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I'd like to use a smartphone to make video's of my projects. But filming hand-held is not good for the quality of the footage. So I've got the idea of constructing a little smartphone tripod.

I already had a mini tripod for a handycam and a selfie stick laying around the house. The challenge ahead: connecting those two parts together!


  • Selfie stick
  • handycam tripod
  • piece of wood


  • screwdriver
  • fine plyer
  • drills

Step 1: Disasembling the Selfie Stick

Step 2: Connecting the Selfie Stick and the Handycam Mini-tripod

The mini-tripod has a standard1/4" male screw on a ball head.

The selfie stick has a plastic plug, without screw.

I took a piece of wood to connect them together.

Be carefull: don't make the holes to big! Better start of with smaller holes. If they are to small, take a larger size of drill, untill it fits.

Step 3: Update: Adding Button to Start/stop Filming

After finishing the tripod, I had a few 'leftovers':

  • the antenna-like metal shaft
  • the selfie stick handle
  • a button connected to an 3.5mm audio jack

It would be a shame to throw these away!

So I recycled these things into a handle with a push button to start/stop filming. By the way, this is very handy! You don't have to push a button on your phone, wich could move the camera or unfocus the shot!

It took some force and torque to pull the lowest segment out of the antenna. Then i placed that segment back in the handle. Watch out: don't cut the cable that goes to the button.

Step 4: Wrapping Up

And there you have the finished product!

This tripod is very easy to use. The ball head makes it possible to position the camera of the smartphone in almost every thinkable angle!

This was my first Instructable ever! Hope you like it!! :-)

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    4 years ago


    I've added a little update on adding a start/stop button to make filming much easier.

    Hope you like it!!!

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    Nice phone stand. With a high definition camera in your phone there is no real need for big elaborate cameras and mounting rigs. This is all you really need.