Introduction: Smog Log: DIY Smog Measuring

Using an Arduino and Dust sensor, you can build a device to measure the air quality. The Arduino connects to the dust sensor which connects to a computer giving it readings.

Step 1: Materials and Where to Get Them

One 9V Battery: Most Stores or if you are in China, specialized battery stores.

One 12V or 9V computer fan: Old Computer or computer store.

One Arduino; I used the SMD version of the UNO.:

One Yogurt Container

One Dust Sensor:

Four Arduino Jumper Cables:

One Arduino USB:

One Computer with Arduino Software: Arduino Software:

Electrical Tape:

Step 2: Assembly

Drill four holes into the lid of the yogurt container. Use the schematic above to measure it out.

Connect Jumper Cables in Arduino ports Analog 0, GND, 3.3V and Digital 7. See Schematic above for more information

Connect each jumper wire to the respective wire on the dust sensor cable.

VCC to 3.3V or 5V (I chose 3.3V)

AOUT to Analog 0 ILED to Digital 7

Electrical tape seal them. See picture.

Connect the wires together. See picture.

Make a hole in the yogurt container. See picture.

Connect USB. See picture.

Make a hole on the top big enough for the fan. See picture.

Seal fan up with tape. See picture. Make sure it runs smoothly and it is pumping air out of the container.

Close it up and you are done!

Step 3: Program

Step 4: Get Your Readings!

Use the Arduino program to get readings of the air quality wherever you are!

I have attached some reading that I got in China.