Smoke Detecting System Using Arduino Embedded System

Introduction: Smoke Detecting System Using Arduino Embedded System

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Remember how the smoke detector helped Sherlock make Irene Adler reveal the location of the photographs?

Well, apart from helping detectives get information out of bad guys (or bad girls in this case), the smoke detector also helps save homes and other places from burning down to ashes and save precious lives. And it ain’t that difficult to make one on your own!

Yes, you read that right. Now, you can make your very own smart smoke detector and prevent a tragedy from occurring.

Here you have a friendly and detailed guide to make your very own smoke detector. What are you waiting for? Don’t just read this; get off the couch and get going!

Step 1: Your Helpers

  • evive
  • MQ4 Gas Sensor
  • Blix Box (Lego)
  • 12V 3W Water Pump
  • Male to Female Jumper Cable 20cm

Think about buying an IoT Kit. Where all your components will be covered that can make your home fully automated. You can make number of projects with the help of it.

Step 2: Making of the Room

To understand the working of the whole system. We will be making a miniature room using Blix pieces. You can even make it with the help of Lego piece.

A back wall is made using bigger pieces and connectors where our whole system will be installed.

To make it stand upright we are adding a platform.

Step 3: The Water Sprayer

Once the room is been made, it’s time to proceed.

Even though we have detected the smoke in the room, what are we going to do for that? Won’t we try to put it OFF? YES! Exactly, that is the reason why we need the water sprayer or the water shower. We have used a 3D printed shower.

You can download the .STL file from here .

To this shower, we have attached a pipe whose another end is connected to the pump. The pump is then inserted into the water reservoir.

Step 4: The Show Stopper

Once you have all set up, it’s time to add the device which will save all our lives. The Show Stopper: The Smoke Detector or Sensor.

We are using MQ4.

It is a gas and a smoke detector. The settings need to be calibrated according to the requirements. We have calibrated it to detect the smoke in the air. The MQ series can detect a number of elements such as CH4, alcohol, natural gas, etc.

Now, it’s time to attach the sensor. We will attach it to the wall. To this sensor, we are going to insert jumper cables.

Thus, our assembly is completed.

Step 5: The Final Touche

It includes the connection of the water pump and the smoke sensor to evive as given in the following figure.

Once done with the connections it’s time to upload the code to evive.

Download the evive Library from here.

To know more about Arduino, visit:

YAY! You are thus done with the Smoke Detection System to keep yourself and your family safe.

For more detailed Instruction visit:

Step 6: Conclusion

There! How cool was that! With this DIY Smart Smoke Detector, you can now wear your Saving Grace tag proudly.

To explore more projects, visit:

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