Introduction: Smoked Pork Butt

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That's right, its time for pork smoking

Step 1: Scoring the Meat

Winter is starting here, perfect time for some smoked foods.

Start with a pork butt, approx. 7 lbs.

Using a sharp knife cut a cross hatching into the fat side of the pork butt.

Step 2: Add Spice to Life

Make your own spice blend, cheaper than buying!

Here I have farmed sea salt from Ireland (amazing and can be found on amazon), garlic powder, cafe grind black pepper, dark chili powder and a smoked paprika.

Once you have your blend,....rub it into all sides of the pork.

I dont have picture as my hands were pretty dirty after this step!

Step 3: Smoke, Smoke, Rest

Once spiced, I place the butt in the smoker and I set it at 210F for approx. 6 hrs

I used apple wood chips which I soaked in water.

I likely used about 1 cup of hydrated apple chips.

After the 6 hrs. I removed the pork and instantly wrapped in tin foil and let it rest.

Step 4: Dishes

After an hour of resting the pork is ready,......

With a smoking like this you are left with options, I used some of the pork for dinner and most of it I put back into a crock pot with apple vinegar. Cook on low while at work then go home and shed it up for pulled pork bbq!

Bon appetite

Step 5: Crockpot Update

this is after another 10 hrs in a low crockpot!

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