Introduction: S,more Brownie

Ok so what you need is brownies and some melted/ homemade marshmallows that are melted. So what you do is make a brownie into a mold of like a small cup. The cup in the photo is a little too small so try to get one a little taller and wider than that one

Step 1: Making the Marshmallow/graham Cracker Holder

So what you do now is take the brownie and scoop/ slice out the middle of the top so you have a hole just wide enough to fit 2 fingers in to the 2nd knuckle down. Now crush some graham crackers and put them in the bottom of the hole. NOW is when you get to put the marshmallow in the hole. Then you top it off with a Dolci Fruitta or a small round disk of brownie/chocolate. Let the marshmallow cool and voila you have a s,more brownie

Step 2: Materials

1. Dolci Fruitta or any disk of chocolate
2. Brownie mix
3. Spoon or any other scooping device
4. Marshmallow
5. Graham crackers
6. Cup mold
7. Oven

Step 3: Also/ Cautions

BTW this is my first instructable so please like it. Also ovens are very hot and all safety precautions should be taken.