Introduction: Smores Grilling Tongs From Wire Clothes Hangers

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DIY Smores holders make campfire smores simple and fun!

Step 1: Things You Need

2 wire clothes hangers
A pair of (needle nose) pliers
A ruler or tape measure
A small piece of coarse sandpaper
A drill with drill bit the same diameter as clothes hangers
A small piece of tape
Super glue
 A 5 inch piece of wood suitable to use as a handle

Step 2: Getting Started

1. Cut off the tops of the clothes hangers right below the part where they twists together. save the top
     pieces for the next phase.
2. Straighten the wires as flat as you can. The straighter everything is bent, the better your tongs will be
     able to hold the smores in the end.
3. Use sandpaper to remove all plastic coating, rust , and whatever else might be on wires that isn't

Step 3: Making the Locks

With the top pieces of the hanger, you will need to make 2 different locks:

Lock 1. Make a small ring about the size of a dime. large enough to slide both hanger wires through

Lock 2.  make a fish hook shaped piece about 1 1/4 inches long

Set both of these pieces aside until needed.

Step 4: Bending the Grills

Note: both the top and bottom grills of the tongs are built the exact same way for this entire step so
           repeat this process with both of your wires.

1. Measure 6 3/4 inches and Bend wire at a 90 degree angle.
2. From that bend, measure 1 inch and bend wire in another 90 degree angle.
3. From that bend, measure 6 inches and bend wire in yet another 90 degree angle. The beginning tip
    of the wire should be sticking out past the latest bent part of the wire.
4. From the last bend, measure 2 inches and bend wire 90 degrees again.
5. From that bend measure just under 6 inches an bend wire at 90 degrees.
6. Grab the wire at the first corner you bent and pull it up and over the last corner you bent. If done
     correctly, the long part of the wire should be woven through the loop kinda like a pretzel.
7. Bend the longer part of wire 90 degrees straight up,just past the point where it has woven around the
     first corner you made(in the middle part).
8.  about 1/4 an inch up from you last bend, make one last 90 degree bend back down so it is parallel
     with the rest of the wire . it should look like a spatula .
9. Bend the beginning tip of wire that is sticking out over the front of the grill so that it is looped around
    and clamped tight to the piece of wire it is crossing.

Step 5: Adding Lock Release to Top Grill

Note: this step is only to be done to the top grill of the tongs. do not bend both wire grills.

1. Measure long end of wire 1/4 an inch away from it's last turn and bent it 90 degrees straight down.
2. Measure 1 inch down from that turn and bend it back up 180 degrees into a  U-shape.
3. Measure 1/2 inch up from the u shape turn and bend 90 degrees back down. the long piece of wire
    should now be parallel with the rest of the grill again.

Step 6: Preping the Handle

1. Place top grill and bottom grill on top of each other evenly. Make sure that both the wire "handle"
    ends are the same length. If one is longer than the other, it needs to be trimmed down so they
2. make sure the drill bit you have for your drill is the same diameter or smaller than the wire. when the
    wires go into the handle holes, they need to be snug.
3. take your drill and tape off the drill bit about an 1 1/2 inches or so up from the tip of the bit. this will
    give you a reference point to stop drilling so your holes will all be the same depth as each other.
4. Drill 2 holes in the top of your wooden handle about a 1/4 inch away from each other. Make sure you
    drill all the way to the taped off part of the bit.

Step 7: Final Assembly

1. Place lock 1 (From step 3) onto the handle end of the bottom Grill.
2. Place handle end of the wire from bottom grill into the bottom hole of the wood. If it is to loose, you
    can always bend little waves into the end of the wire to help hold it in place better.
3. Slide the handle end of wire from the top grill through Lock 1.
4. Place handle end of the wire from top grill into the top hole of the wood.
5. Adjust grills until they are sitting parallel to each other.
6. Glue wires & wooden handle into place.
7. place lock 2 (From step 3) onto the front side of the top grill so than the hook part can swing down
    and latch on to the bottom grill. Clamp it down so it can move freely but will not fall off.

Step 8: Ready for Smores....Almost

1. put together 2 uncooked smores and place them inside the grilling tongs. Make sure that the tongs
    are in the unlocked position while inserting them.
2. Attempt to put the locks into there closed positions. If the smores do not sit in the tongs firmly, you
    may need to readjust some of the bent corners until they can be locked in place without moving
4. hold smores over the campfire and heat both sides until the chocolate and marshmallows have
    started to melt.
5. Remove from Tongs and eat. WARNING: Always use protective gloves or oven mitts when opening
     the locks. They have been heated by the fire and will burn you if you try do use your bare fingers.

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