Introduction: SnK Stationary Guard Badge

This is a badge with the symbol of the Stationary Guard from the anime Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan).

Step 1: Step 1: Materials&Tools

For this Badge you need the following

  • 110 lb card stock (Preferably White
  • Super glue (Elmer works as well but takes longer to dry)
  • Scissors
  • Hobby knife
  • Red paint
  • White paint
  • Black paint
  • Fine detail brush

Step 2: Step 2: Print

Go on Google Image and look for a suitable Garrison Symbol or copy and paste the image above (Remember to print 3 of the same size!)

Step 3: Step 3: Cut

Cut the symbols out like the picture provided above.

And separate the components as the following

  • Rose (Cut the petals individually)
  • Shield
  • Background (the 4 squares

Step 4: Step 4: Shield

For the Shield it is important to have at least 6 layers of 110 lb card stock (if using thinner card stock use 7-8 layers) Cut the layers like the picture shown above for optimal results.

Glue them together in order (1st in the front, 2nd behind the 1st etc, It is important to have the 6th at the very back)

Step 5: Step 5: Background

Glue the background pieces to the shield, if using thinner card stock it is recommended to layer them (2-4)

Step 6: Step 6: Rose

Glue the Petals on ,start with the most outer petal and work your way in for the best effect (The petals doesn't need to be perfect) Glue the other pieces on accordingly.

Step 7: Step 7: Paint

The roses are red, the back ground squares are grey and the rest of the shield (the outlines) are white.Use the picture above as reference

After the paints are dry you an optionally varnish the whole thing.

Step 8: Step 8: Pin

Salvage a pin back badge and glue it on the back of the badge using hot glue gun or epoxy.

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