Introduction: Snail Care

Hi! I know that already exists two instructibles about snail care but I decided to share my experience. When i first had my pet snails I didn't had any idea of the existence of this site so when I found out about other people had the same idea I decided to made one instructibles about snail care too. I would also liked to thank the other people that made the other pet snail instructibles because they helped me with my pet snails to. This is my first instructible and English is not my mane language so sorry for the mistakes.


Step 1: Materials

Box ( I advise that would be better that the box has lid with some small holes )
some kind of substract: I made a mixture of soil, aquarium sand and sea shells
some food
2 small vases

Step 2: Laying Your Substract

First put your substract in your box it as to be with some height, find the best acording to the size of your box. Then put  the rocks throut your box. I made a little house because snails like to stick themselves up side down.  As one of the others instructibles said you should get some sorce of calcium for the snails I washed some sea shels and crush them until it became a mostly powder, the part that was irregular shel bits have some pointy edges that can cause some discomfort on your snails so I put the edges downwards so it would be better for my snails (I'm kinda lasy so I have more bits than dust). Be carefull when you crush your shels I used a hammer and some bit would jump and that can be possibly harmfull.

Step 3: Food

I planted some seeds of lettuce and waited some time for it gave more seeds, but if you don't want to wait that long you should buy  some seeds at your local gardening store, that was what I did in the begining. After you have the seeds just spreed them throut the the box and after they sprout your snails will eat them.
Other food:
- Arugula
-other type of greens that you think

Step 4: Thyme Time

After some time I started to notice a lot of mosquitos so I started looking for anti mosquito palnts and I found out that thyme was one of them( there are two types of thyme use lemon thyme because it is the best one) . You could use other anti mosquitos plants if you want.  I planted the thyme in a small vase because it needs less water and put the vase in the box. I use tow diferente pots with thyme so I can alternate them( this is because thyme needs more sun light and I can put one outside the box  near a window and the other inside the box). 

You can also use:

Step 5: The Snails

After you have everything ready you just put your snails in the box. The best snails are the more active. NOTE DO NOT PUT DECOLLATE SNAILS ON YOUR BOX BECAUSE THEY HUNT AND EAT THE OTHER SNAILS AND THEIR EGGS. 

Step 6: Finhished

Put the box in place in were it catches the morning sun it's less intense and not so hot for the snail. Be careful because in the summer the morning light can be more intense in this case put it in a shady place.

The end