Snake Baby



Introduction: Snake Baby


This is my first instructable, so I hope you enjoy it and it shows you some you didn't know.

I used gimp and picnik, both are free online editing programs.

Step 1: Eyes

Say Hello to my Baby Girl.  This photo was take about 4 years ago. 

I started with the eyes, just because you really can't have a scary picture without changing them.

Depending on the picture quality  you may not need too zoom in (control +) to close.  Just close enough to see the change in pixel color.
Using the Free Select tool (shift F) outline the eye socket and try to stay in-between  the two different pixel colors. Move all the way around the eye and close the loop. You'll know it's closed when the line starts to blink.

Step 2: Filling in the Eye

With the eye selected, you're ready to fill it.  Using the Bucket Fill, change your mode to overlay and select a color.  In the toolbox you'll notice two rectangles. The top one is your FG Color fill and the bottom on is the BG Color fill.  Click the top box and change color. Now your ready to fill the eye socket.  I added pupils using the free select tool and filled them with blood red and blurred the edges using the Blur/Sharpen tool (shift U).  I changed the  brush to calligraphic with a scale of 1.0 and blurred just the polygonal lines.

Step 3: Skin Touch Up

Using the free select tool, outline the body part you wish to change and fill using the bucket fill.  Select a pattern by clicking on the pattern fill button.  A drop down will appear with the patterns gimp provides.

If you choose a pattern and start filling, but you're not feeling the pattern just undo it (control Z). Also, be careful not to double layer the same spot it will just get darker and darker, unless that is what you're going for. Now, that most of the skin is filled get in close and hit those small spots. Don't forget to blur the edges just a little bit and save your work.

Step 4: Black and White

With the image saved upload it into  

Click on Effects and change your photo to black and white. Now using a brush side of 17 with a hardness of 30% turn your hard work back to it's original glory.

Step 5: Fangs

Now, go to the featured tab and add some fun stuff like fangs. I faded them to 3% and used the hardlight blend mode.  When placing the fangs zoom in using the slide bar on the bottom right. 

Step 6: Snake Baby

All done.

So what do you think of my little monster, now? Thanks for your time.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Show us the finished "snake baby" as the main image. Looks good, otherwise.


    10 years ago on Step 6

    You should have adding a pointed tongue or something :)